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  • Tooth replacement in Langley British Columbia
    29/11/2016 0 Comments
    Choosing the Best Tooth Replacement Option for You – Dental Implants or Dentures?

    There are many factors that people consider when getting dental work completed. Tooth replacement options can seem overwhelming and confusing if you try to figure out yourself what is the ideal option. Losing a tooth or teeth can also be a scary and emotional time, so seeking guidance and advice from the professionals at a Langley dental clinic will ensure you make a choice that takes into account your unique concerns and oral health.

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  • Woman Receiving a Botox treatment in Langley from a Dentist at Amazing Smile
    14/11/2016 0 Comments
    Is Botox a Safe Way to Reduce the Signs of Aging?

    Sometimes Botox can have negative connotations, but the truth is that, when administered correctly, Botox can be a perfectly safe and effective way to reverse the visible signs of aging. Keep reading to learn more about Botox treatments in Langley and whether they’re right for you.

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  • Dental Implants in Langley British Columbia
    09/11/2016 0 Comments
    Dental Implants: General Information Before Visiting Your Langley Dental Clinic

    Thinking about replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant, but not sure if it’s the right choice for you? One of the most important considerations for a dental implant is whether or not you have healthy gums and adequate bone to support the implant. Arranging a check-up appointment with your dentist is the best way to find out if you are a good candidate for a replacement tooth.

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  • Teeth Whitening Kits in Langley British Columbia
    28/10/2016 0 Comments
    Is DIY Teeth Whitening Safe? Consult Your Langley Dental Clinic

    Did you know that some over-the-counter teeth whiteners can actually harm your tooth enamel? Many people turn to at-home bleaching systems without fully understanding the effects it can have on their oral health. It is important to know that not all stains can be lightened with a store-bought bleaching kit, particularly if you have had bonding or tooth-coloured fillings placed in your front teeth. Before proceeding with a do-it-yourself whitening routine, it’s highly recommended that you speak with your dentist to determine whether or not you will benefit from the treatment. Your dentist may discourage teeth whitening if you have sensitive teeth, gum disease or teeth with worn enamel, as the risk of gum irritation or damage to previous dental work may increase.

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  • Oral health in Mexico and Langley British Columbia
    01/06/2016 0 Comments
    Dental Clinic in Langley, BC Gives Back Through Global Outreach Initiative in Mexico

    The team from Amazing Smile, a dental clinic in Langley, BC, recently travelled to San Quintin, Mexico to help improve the oral health of more than 600 patients in the city’s largest orphanage. The team consisted of four senior dentists, one hygienist, seven dental students and four Spanish interpreters who all worked tirelessly to help the underprivileged receive immediate dental care.

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  • 21/12/2015 0 Comments
    Eat Your Way to Whiter Teeth
    Teeth whitening has become a popular trend because it really is an easy way to boost your confidence and refresh your look. There are a lot of options available for individuals of all ages looking to whiten their smile. Over-the-counter products that promise a whiter smile include toothpastes, mouthwashes, strips, and gels. However, some of these products have been known to cause enamel erosion and deteriorate tooth health while improving their appearance. Instead of taking a risk, consider natural alternatives or safe teeth whitening treatments from a dentist in Langley to brighten your smile.
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  • Dental implants
    21/12/2015 0 Comments
    Choosing Between Dental Implants and Bridges

    A few years ago, patients with missing or damaged teeth had one option: a three-tooth bridge. These days, you can choose between two options: dental bridges and dental implants. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but it is all up to you and your dentist to decide which option is best for your teeth. By comparing the two side-by-side, it may be easier to make a decision.

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  • 16/12/2015 0 Comments
    How to take Care of Dentures
    Dentures are an investment in your dental care and overall wellness. It is important that you take care of them. If taken care of properly, you could get up to seven years from your set of dentures. If not, you could find yourself putting forth a bigger investment sooner than expected.
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  • 16/12/2015 0 Comments
    Tips for helping your child care for their braces
    Braces are often recommended by dentists and orthodontists as a way of preventing cosmetic and dental health problems later on in life. Getting braces as a child ensures a straight smile and helps to avoid issues of crowding and spacing as teeth come in and settle. However, dealing with braces does require some extra care and maintenance, and so it is important that you help your child grow accustomed to them. Here are some tips for helping your child adjust to and live with braces.
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  • 05/10/2015 0 Comments
    Tips for Brushing Your Tot's Teeth
    Good dental hygiene needs to start early if you want your baby's teeth to grow in strong and healthy. In fact, you should start taking care of your child's oral health before their first teeth even come in! Simply use a soft, clean, damp washcloth to wipe your baby's gums. This will prevent the growth of bacteria and keep their gums in good shape.
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  • 05/10/2015 0 Comments
    What May Be Causing Your Bad Breath and How You Can Stop It
    Bad breath is a common problem that many people in the Langley, Clayton Heights, and Cloverdale areas visit their dentist about. Choosing to consult with a dental professional about bad breath is always a good idea, as it has numerous different possible causes and proper treatment can't begin until you get to the root cause of the issue.
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  • 22/09/2015 0 Comments
    The Overall Health Benefits of Keeping Up with Dental Visits
    Dental health and overall health are closely intertwined, and problems in your mouth can lead to problems throughout the rest of your body. Since going to the dentist is an important component of achieving and maintaining good oral health, it is crucial for ensuring good overall health as well.
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  • little girl in dental chair looking worried
    18/08/2015 0 Comments
    Ways to Cope with Fear of the Dentist

    Are you stressed about going to the dentist? You’re not alone. Many people are afraid to go to the dentist, for a variety of different reasons. Some people may have had negative experiences with dentists in the past. Others may fear the lack of control they have while in a dental chair.

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  • 18/08/2015 0 Comments
    Does the Tooth Fairy Travel Around the World?
    Few things are more exciting to a child than losing his or her first tooth and leaving it under a pillow for the tooth fairy to find. During the night, the tooth fairy swaps the tooth and leaves money behind.
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  • 18/08/2015 0 Comments
    What You Need to Know About Braces for Adults
    Many people require braces well into their adult years and, in fact, orthodontic treatment may be necessary at any age. Seeing an orthodontist can help give you the smile you've always wanted, but many adults living in Surrey and the surrounding area are reluctant to look into teeth straightening treatments because of cosmetic concerns.
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  • 18/08/2015 0 Comments
    How to Find the Right Dentist in Langley, BC
    Choosing a dentist for you and your family is a very important decision. If you are looking for a dentist in Langley, Clayton Heights, Cloverdale, or anywhere else in the Surrey, BC area, then there are a few factors you need to consider before walking into a dental office for your first appointment.
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  • 13/08/2015 0 Comments
    What to Do If Your Child Chips or Loses a Tooth
    If your child chips, breaks, or completely knocks out a tooth, the first and most important step you can take is to remain calm. As your child will likely be crying and in some pain, it is important that you try to comfort them and give them an over-the-counter children's painkiller if need be. Modern dentistry has the tools to repair and even reimplant teeth, so take a deep breath and follow the advice below.
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  • 14/07/2015 0 Comments
    What You Should Know Before Visiting the Dentist
    Many people aren't too sure about what to do before visiting a dentist for the first time in Langley, BC. Is it enough to just book an appointment and show up, or should you have important information and documents prepared as well?
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  • 02/07/2015 0 Comments
    How Coffee, Wine, and Cigarettes Affect Your Teeth
    The modern lifestyle comes with many habits and indulgences which, unfortunately, can have a negative impact on your teeth. Drinking coffee, drinking wine, and smoking cigarettes can erode your teeth and cause them to yellow, creating both a dental health and cosmetic problem.
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