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Teeth Whitening for Langley & Surrey Patients

Teeth Whitening for Langley & Surrey Patients

If you have discoloured, dull, or stained teeth and would like to make a change, give Amazing Smile Dental a call!

Why the Need for Teeth Whitening in Langley

Unfortunately, food particles from products such as soy sauce, berries, coffee, and tea naturally stick to the enamel of your teeth. Over time, your teeth will actually become more vulnerable and absorbent to staining from food and other substances.

Another factor which contributes to discoloured or dull teeth is the exposure of darker dentin tissue which lies beneath your teeth. If the outer layer of enamel has begun to wear away due to the effects of caffeine, tobacco, or aging, give Amazing Smile Dental a call today, and we will help you to get your teeth looking beautiful again!

At-Home Vs. Professional Teeth Whitening in Langley

With the availability of “whitening toothpastes” on the market today, more and more people opt for at-home teeth whitening as opposed to professional teeth whitening in Surrey BC or Langley. While these at-home products will be mildly effective in stain removal and brightening, many of these products use abrasive substances that can wear away at your enamel.

Another drawback of at home whitening products is that they are only effective on certain types of stains. Some bleaching agents are not effective at removing any grayish or brownish stains.

Come to Amazing Smile Dental and reap the benefits of professional teeth whitening for patients in Surrey and Langley. Our teeth whitening results can last up to 2-5 years with maintained oral hygiene! Give us a call today to learn more about our procedures or to schedule an appointment for teeth whitening in Langley.

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