Are Invisalign® Braces Right For You? Tips from Your Langley Orthodontist

Are Invisalign® Braces Right For You? Tips from Your Langley Orthodontist

Simple, subtle, and effective, it is not surprising that Invisalign has become a popular method for tooth straightening in Langley and across the country. With clear trays, patients can customize their journey to a straight, even smile without the noticeable wires and brackets of traditional braces. It may seem strange that people would opt for the old style, but the truth is that Invisalign braces may not always be suitable for everyone. Different factors come into play when choosing the right orthodontic treatment in Langley, whether you want a straight smile or corrected bite. No matter your particular concerns or what is suitable for your personal oral health, the team of orthodontists in Langley at Amazing Smile Dental can find an appropriate and effective solution.

5 Ways to Determine if You are a Good Candidate for Invisalign®

Finding the right method for beautiful teeth is crucial for great results and a less frustrating process to achieve the smile of your dreams. Speak with your dentist to learn more about Invisalign in Langley or read on to find out if you are suited to the advantages and drawbacks of invisible braces.

  • Moderate Corrections: If you have severe crowding, crookedness, or wide spacing issues, Invisalign will not be able to provide the level of correction you need. If you have less dramatic troubles, this system will be able to provide a straight and even smile with consistent wear. 
  • Conscientious Care: Invisalign offers a great appearance but is not free from maintenance. You will need to remove the trays before eating and drinking to avoid stains and keep food particles from becoming trapped. If you do not remove the trays, it can contribute to tooth decay and accelerate the formation of cavities. If you are prepared to brush your teeth between meals and care for your trays with regular cleaning, this system may be suitable for you. 
  • Aligned Jaw: If your jaw is aligned, these invisible braces will fit more securely and be able to provide the right level of adjustment. Jaw issues cannot be corrected through this system. For jaw alignment, other orthodontic treatment options in Langley will need to be explored. 
  • Healthy Teeth and Gums: Individuals with periodontal disease or tooth decay are not suited to Invisalign. The trays can lead to dry mouth in some patients, which will exacerbate these issues and can increase their severity and progression. The trays also create a loose but consistent ‘seal’ on teeth throughout the day, so any decay or gum issues can quickly worsen and become uncomfortable. 
  • Commitment: The ideal appearance made possible by this tooth straightening option is what attracts many people, but the level of commitment involved for effective results can be discouraging for some. If you are ready and willing to follow your Langley orthodontist’s instructions and wear the trays for 20-22 hours every day, you can enjoy fantastic results. 

Find Out if Invisalign® Can Correct Your Smile at Your Langley Dental Clinic

The best way to determine if you are ready to follow the steps necessary for ideal results of wearing Invisalign braces is to visit your orthodontist in Langley. The team at Amazing Smile Dental has provided many patients with traditional and invisible braces at our clinic and would be happy to learn more about your oral health challenges and provide advice. Turn to us for all your orthodontic and dental service needs and for personalized care for your entire family. We welcome new patients of all ages and would be happy to provide an initial consultation about braces. 

Visit our Langley Invisalign clinic to learn more. Call Amazing Smile Dental today at 604-514-7588 or contact us online to book your appointment.
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