Dentistry through the Ages: Historic Milestones in Dentistry from Your Langley Dentists

Most of us take preventative dentistry services for granted now. You know to expect a thorough cleaning, set up your next appointment, and leave with a new toothbrush. We have come a long way when it comes to dental work, and now most routine cleanings and dental procedures are fairly comfortable. This wasn’t always the case! Canadian dentistry and dental health around the world has progressed through a lot of technological advancements, research, and trial and error. You may not think of history when you visit your Langley dental clinic, but a brief look back in time will make you appreciate the streamlined, safe, and preventative dentistry services we enjoy today.

A Brief Oral (Health) History: Important Advancements in Dentistry
The origins of dentistry can be traced back as early as 5000 BC, when misunderstandings about tooth decay led to many painful procedures. Flash forward to the 1900s, and Canada begins to make marks on its own history of oral hygiene. Here are a few important moments that defined our current dental services and led us to the dental clinics in Langley that we currently appreciate:

  • Tooth Decay: Recordings dating back to 5000 BC reveal that people rightly attributed pain to tooth decay. Unfortunately, they thought the decay was caused by “tooth worms” which were really the tooth nerves. This misunderstanding resulted in many painful and unnecessary procedures. Etruscans led the way in dental procedures, but the methods were reserved for illness and extreme discomfort. Preventative dentistry was a distant dream, and dental care was only considered once serious pain and damage had set in. Today, if you face tooth decay in Langley, it is easily prevented with daily oral hygiene and regular teeth cleaning by your local dentist. 
  • Tooth Whitening: Attempts to brighten smiles have been traced back 4000 years ago to Egypt, where whitening paste was made with a mixture of ground pumice stones and wine vinegar. Romans used urine, which was effective since it contains ammonia. In the 17th century, files and acid were used, although this also led to enamel erosion and decay. Teeth whitening as we know it today was discovered with fluoride in the 19th century. In the 1980s, peroxide trays were used and dentists began experimenting with the length of time the trays were kept on teeth. Soon, mass produced whitening agents and ‘instant results’ were developed so that people could whiten their teeth at home. 
  • Canadian Dentistry: The formation of the Canadian Dental Association happens in 1902 in Montreal, where it unanimously voted that there should be a constitution for dentists to abide by. In 1949, bonded resin is created and soon veneers and crowns are made possible. In 1950, prepaid dental plans were proposed and made a huge impact on the accessibility and affordability of dental services in Canada.

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