Holiday Promotion from Your Local Langley Dentist: Discount Botox Treatments!

Would you like to look fresh faced and youthful for your coming holiday parties? If you want to revitalize your look for the festivities, take advantage of our latest promotion.

For the month of December, we’re offering $50 off any Botox treatment over $300.

Frequently Asked Questions about Botox Treatments

If you’ve never had a cosmetic injection treatment before, it’s normal to have questions. Here are the top concerns we hear from our patients:

Is Botox safe?

Botox injections are very safe for most people, as long as the treatment is administered by a properly trained and certified professional. At Amazing Smile Dental in Langley, we want what’s best for our patients, so we’ll go through your medical history before treatment to make sure that Botox is suitable for you.

Will it make my face expressionless?

It’s a common stereotype that people who get Botox have a frozen, expressionless look to their faces. Luckily, this is the exception, not the rule. When properly administered, the results can look very natural. In fact, you probably see people all around Langley who’ve had the injections but can’t tell or notice.

Will Botox induce botulism?

No. Botox is made from a toxin found in botulism, but when a certified professional administers it, it can’t cause symptoms of botulism. The amount of the toxin found in cosmetic Botox is too little to induce symptoms of botulism.

Is it painful?

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, but Botox shouldn’t be painful. You may feel a quick pinch with each injection, but it’s a quick treatment and will be over before you know it.

Connect with Amazing Smile Dental in Langley & Surrey for a Consultation

If you’re still on the fence, and would like to know more, visit us at Amazing Smile Dental in Langley for a consultation with one of our experienced dentists. Botox is a selective treatment, meaning that it may not be the right choice for everybody. Our team of professionals are happy to chat with you and help you decide if it’s the best choice for you.

If you’ve been thinking about trying out a Botox treatment, now’s the moment. All it takes is half an hour in our office and there’s no down time at all. Call us today to find out more.

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