Anxiety and dental health in Langley British Columbia

Mental Health and Dental Health: How Anxiety Can Impact Your Teeth

It isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when people mention the side effects and health problems associated with anxiety, but many people face oral health issues. Anxiety can impact your body, and your teeth are no exception. Whether you or a loved one suffer from anxiety, it is important to take care of your physical health and not allow your oral hygiene to suffer. The symptoms can manifest in a number of ways and aren’t always obvious, so visiting your Langley dentist is crucial to taking care of your teeth. Contact Amazing Smile Dental to schedule your routine teeth cleaning and checkup.

Effects of Anxiety on Your Dental Health

If you suffer from anxiety, the following tooth troubles may develop:

  • Teeth Grinding – Whether it is generalized or sparked by specific events, your stress may result in subconscious teeth grinding. Many people grind their teeth while they are asleep, and others do it during waking hours as a way to physically deal with anxiety. Night grinding is more common and can lead to eroded enamel, headaches, and jaw fatigue. Clenching and grinding can lead to serious long-term problems, so getting attention from a professional dentist in Cloverdale now can save you pain, time, and money in the future. 
  • Acid – Acid reflux is often associated with stress and anxiety. It can lead to tooth decay, damage and enamel degradation. 
  • Obsession – Some people become overly concerned about the cleanliness and state of their teeth, leading them to overthink minor aches and stains. Many try over-brushing or a harder tooth brush to combat this feeling. You want to remove food particles and bacteria, but brushing too often or too vigorously can actually cause damage rather than contribute to your oral health. Visit your Clayton Heights dentist to get tailored advice about your oral hygiene routine. 
  • Neglect – When mental health troubles overtake, it can be difficult to focus on your physical needs. Many people with anxiety end up disregarding their oral health. This can result in tooth decay, cavities, gum disease or larger issues if they are left to progress. Try to maintain a balanced diet, avoid sugary foods as a coping mechanism, and be sure to visit your Cloverdale dental clinic regularly. 

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Amazing Smile Dental is here to support your oral health. Whether you have anxiety associated with the dentist or anxiety is causing your tooth troubles, we can provide the right treatment. We offer a range of dental services for the entire family and are currently welcoming new patients. From cosmetic dentistry to emergency dental appointments and specialized care, we can help you keep your mouth healthy.

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