"How Do Sugary Treats Affect Your Teeth?" - Ask your Pediatric Dentist in Langley, BC

With the holiday season upon us, there may not be a better time to think about the effect that sugar can have on the teeth. Although you are probably aware that sugar is not good for the teeth, you might not know exactly how it wreaks havoc within the mouth. If you have children, learning more about how sugar affects oral health is advisable.

The staff at Amazing Smile Dental hopes that you will encourage your kids to practice moderation. While a little processed sugar will not likely harm their teeth, too much of it certainly can.

Sugar and the Teeth: Insights from Your Pediatric Dentist in Langley, BC

Some parents may feel that as long as it is only once per year, allowing their kids to feast on candy is okay. Unless your little ones have specific health issues, you can safely let them indulge in a few sugary treats.
However, problems arise when kids consume too many sugary items in a short period. These problems are compounded when children do not practise proper oral hygiene.

Here are some facts you should know about sugar and dental health:

· Bacteria: Bacteria are always present in the mouth. Some kinds of bacteria actually benefit the ecosystem of the mouth, while others are detrimental to it. Some of these bacteria feed on sugar. Such bacteria produce acids that are harmful to the teeth. Thus, when sugar is allowed to remain in the mouth, the harmful bacteria can thrive, and cause much damage to the teeth. The acids erode tooth enamel, and this activity can lead to painful cavities. Cavities are actually bacterial infections caused by the acids.

· Potentially Harmful Treats: Candy is certainly a major culprit in causing tooth decay, but it is not the only kind of treat that is destructive to oral health. Some foods that cling to your teeth could be more harmful than certain types of candy. Raisins and potato chips may linger on your teeth longer than chocolate, for example. Sticky candies, such as caramel and gummy candy, should be avoided since they cling to
the teeth and expose them to sugar longer than other candy varieties.

· Timing: Timing can make a difference in how sugary foods affect the teeth. Instead of permitting your kids to eat candy and other treats as snacks, try serving such items at the end of a meal. Since there is generally more saliva in the mouth after eating a meal, the saliva may subsequently wash away more of the sugar.

· Brush and Floss: Your kids should be in the habit of flossing daily and brushing at least twice per day. Any time that your children have consumed sugary treats or processed foods, encourage them to brush and floss immediately after eating.

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Another way to combat cavities is to schedule routine dental appointments for your kids. Getting their teeth cleaned and examined will help to keep their mouths in top condition.

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