How Coffee, Wine, and Cigarettes Affect Your Teeth

The modern lifestyle comes with many habits and indulgences which, unfortunately, can have a negative impact on your teeth. Drinking coffee, drinking wine, and smoking cigarettes can erode your teeth and cause them to yellow, creating both a dental health and cosmetic problem.
Let's take a look at how exactly these three habits affect your teeth, what you may be able to do about it, and why you should consider a teeth whitening procedure as a solution to tooth stains.

- Coffee
Coffee causes stains to appear by wearing down and breaking through the enamel on your teeth. This not only leads to unsightly yellowing, but it also makes your teeth more vulnerable to disease. If you would rather not quit drinking coffee entirely, then you should consider cutting down your intake as much as you can, drinking through a straw, gently brushing your teeth after you are finished drinking, and using a whitening toothpaste at home.

- Wine
Wine is another major culprit that can lead both to tooth stains and, because of its high acidity, to tooth rot. A great way to lessen these effects is to brush your teeth an hour or so before indulging in a glass of wine, as plaque can trap wine onto the surface of your teeth. Brushing your teeth immediately after having a drink, however, can actually cause even more erosion.

- Cigarettes
While coffee and wine in moderate quantities will not negatively impact your health, smoking can lead to a whole host of health and dental problems that can't be successfully mitigated without quitting entirely. Your best choice for avoiding problems such as teeth staining, gum disease, and cancers caused by smoking is to talk to your health care providers about how to quit.

Teeth Whitening in Langley, BC
You can definitely use the tips given above in order to reduce further yellowing from coffee, wine, cigarettes, and other foods and drinks that can stain teeth. However, your best option for removing stains that have already accumulated is a professional teeth whitening.

Amazing Smile dental clinic has ample experience providing cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening for our patients in the Langley, Surrey, Cloverdale, and Clayton Heights areas. Our highly trained dental professionals can give you results that last, and provide you with tips on how to best maintain your bright new smile.
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