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How Old is Too Old for Invisalign®?

Let’s admit it, most of us have dreamt of that perfect smile. A complete set of pearly white teeth that can light up our face and make heads turn. The good news is that age is no longer a deterrent in your quest for that dream smile.

In the last two decades, with the advent of the Invisalign® treatment, millions of people across the globe have had their teeth straightened without the use of the unsightly and tedious metal braces.

A virtually painless process that involves clear, nearly invisible aligners, with the possibility to remove them at will. Invisalign® has become the favoured option for patients of all ages.

Over the years, 5 million people, including 1 million teens have been able to see effective results from this treatment. Yet, the lingering question you may have is when is the earliest or latest that you should consider exploring this treatment. The dedicated team of dentists and specialists at Amazing Smile Dental can help you answer this and shed light on various aspects of Invisalign® treatment.


Achieve Straight & Perfectly Aligned Teeth with Invisalign® 

While most dentists work with metal braces as well as Invisalign®, the suitability and compatibility differ for each patient. Metal braces are slightly less expensive, address more complex alignment issues and are not removable; hence you do not need to worry about disciplining yourself to keep wearing them. However, since they are attached with brackets and wires, they are visible at all times, can cause discomfort, restrict consumption of certain food items, and need to be worn for a longer duration, usually over 24 to 36 months.


With Invisalign®, you have the option of thin, clear, snug fitting aligners that stay almost invisible, but gradually straighten your teeth by applying the right amount of force to the right places, based on a customized treatment plan. Not only can you remove them for eating, brushing or on special occasions, but the absence of any brackets or wires makes them comfortable to use and the treatment usually concludes in 6 to 18 months.

How Invisalign® Works

After checking your oral health compatibility, your dentist will work out a customized digital treatment plan that maps the exact movement of your teeth. You will get an individualized set of aligners that need to be changed every 1 to 2 weeks as they gradually continue to shift your teeth in the desired direction and manner. For more information, feel free to read our Invisalign® services page.

Common Concerns & Facts


Remember, this line of treatment is not dependent on age. No matter how old you are, as long as your gum tissues and bones are strong and healthy, you are usually an eligible candidate for these retainers.

For adults, your orthodontist will evaluate your oral health, bite alignment, and straightening needs, whereas for children or teenagers, suitability is determined based on these criteria:

  • All the baby teeth must have fallen and permanent incisors and first molars should have erupted. If the second and third molar has not erupted, the aligner trays can leave sufficient space for these teeth.
  • There should be no significant tooth decay or damage.
  • The patient should be mature and disciplined enough to keep the aligners in the mouth for 20 or more hours per day, without which this treatment is not effective.

While patients as young as 12 have been fitted with Invisalign® braces, there is no harm if you wish to wait a few more years or even until much later, as long as your dental health remains compatible with this treatment. Some other conditions that may come in the way of invisible braces is the presence of bridgework, crowns, veneers, or any back tooth bite issues.

However, each case may be different and your dentist is the best person to evaluate if the treatment is favourable for you.


Consult Your Langley Dentists to Know More About Invisalign®


It is never too late to explore the option of braces or Invisalign® to align your teeth and attain that perfect smile. In fact, getting your teeth straightened can prevent some future problems such as bad breath, tooth loss or bleeding gums. Invest in your long-term dental well-being and enjoy a confident smile, along with healthy teeth and gums. Consult your dentist at Amazing Smile Dental to understand your options for braces. Our team is happy to answer all your questions and get you started on the path to your dream smile.

Call our office today at 604-514-7588 to find out more about the Invisalign® treatment in Langley. You can also contact us online for more information.

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