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How to Tell the Difference between Tooth Pain & a Sinus Infection in Langley BC

With cold season in full swing, many people are facing sniffles, coughs, and… tooth pain? It may not be the most common symptom of a sinus infection, but many individuals find their sinus pressure and pain extends to impact their teeth. If you are facing discomfort from ongoing tooth pain and are unsure of the cause, schedule an appointment with your dentist in Langley. The team at Amazing Smile Dental offers oral surgery and regular dental checkups so that you can get back to feeling and smiling your best.

Tooth Pain or Sinus Infection? Tell-Tale Signs and When to See Your Langley Dentist

Find out if your tooth pain can be taken care of with some medication and rest or if you are dealing with an infection that requires oral surgery or another targeted dental treatment. Consider the following causes and differences:

  • What is the connection? The location of your sinuses is very close to your upper molars. Since they are in such close proximity to the roots of your teeth, when they become inflamed, congested, or irritated, they can swell and exert pressure on those roots. If the sinus infection is severe enough, it can even impact the location and orientation of your upper teeth, leading to an altered bite alignment and causing all kinds of discomfort. 
  • Differences: It is not always easy to determine what an isolated tooth ache feels like and what indicates a larger issue with sinus pain. Typically, a sinus infection will extend beyond the tooth, encompassing a larger area in a constant, aching sensation that is often described as a tender pain that may come and go. Other cold symptoms or recurring allergies are also usually associated with sinus infections. A tooth problem, like an abscessed or infected tooth, typically emerges as a constant, sharp, and centralized pain. It will not fluctuate but instead progress to become more severe and uncomfortable. An abscess may be accompanied by a pimple-like drain on the surface of the gum tissue, sensitivity and pain when exposed to hot or cold foods or beverages, and localized swelling.
  • Treatment: Abscessed teeth may be treated with antibiotics and a root canal procedure. Sinus infections may be dealt with using over the counter medications for viral infections, or targeted antibiotics for bacterial infections. 
  • Lower Teeth: It is important to note that sinus infections can also impact lower teeth, so do not rule out your sinuses if you are experiencing an aching lower molar or jaw area. This sensation is known as ‘referred pain’ and it happens when pain in one part of your mouth is experienced in another spot. Your dentists in Langley will be able to run tests and diagnose the underlying source and cause of your discomfort before providing treatment. 

Timely Treatment by Your Trusted Oral Surgeon in Langley, BC
Find out if a sinus infection is the cause of your tooth ache or if a more serious dental health problem is to blame. Consult with the professionals at Amazing Smile Dental. Our friendly staff offers years of experience and personalized advice to ensure you get the right treatment for long-term relief of your tooth pain. We welcome new patients of all ages to our dental clinic in Langley. Get the treatment you need for everything from pediatric dentistry to dental implants and emergency care. Whether you are experiencing discomfort or just need a routine teeth cleaning, our team is here to care for your teeth.

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