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Insights and Interesting Facts About Teeth from Your Langley Dental Clinic

Do you know how many teeth the average human being has in their mouth? There is a lot you might not know about your mouth. Whether you are curious about how many teeth you have as a child versus an adult, or you want to learn some quirky facts about your teeth, the team at Amazing Smile Dental loves to educate our patients.

As for the number of teeth, most adults have 32 teeth consisting of eight incisors, four canines, and 12 molars. If you had your wisdom teeth removed, you have eight molars. Children have 20 baby teeth, which consists of 10 on the top and 10 on the bottom. These teeth are just placeholders, and once they fall out, their adult teeth erupt.

10 More Interesting (and Quirky) Facts About Your Teeth

Want to learn more about your teeth and mouth? Here are 10 interesting facts offered by our team at your local Langley dental clinic:

  1. Tooth Enamel: The enamel on your teeth is the hardest part of your body. Hence, dentists in Langley work hard to teach their patients how to protect it.
  2. Milk Teeth: You have teeth before you are born. Known as milk teeth, these teeth start while in the womb, but do not erupt until between six months and one year.
  3. Sets of Human Teeth; You will have two sets of teeth: baby teeth and permanent teeth.
  4. The Categories of Teeth: A human-being has four types of teeth known as pre-molars, molars, canine, and incisors.
  5. A Month’s Worth of Brushing: An average person will spend 38.5 days’ total brushing their teeth.
  6. You are What You Drink: Those who drink three or more glasses of soda each day will have 62 percent more tooth decay, tooth loss, and fillings needed than those who do not.
  7. Buckets of Saliva: The mouth produces more than 25,000 quarts of saliva in a lifetime. That is buckets of saliva that could adequately fill two swimming pools. Saliva, however, is necessary to help your body digest food and wash away food and bacteria from your teeth.
  8. Twigs: Before toothbrushes were invented, ancient cultures would chew on twigs and roots to clean their teeth. However, Egyptians did use a form of toothpaste.
  9. Under Pressure: Your jaw muscles can contract with a force of as much as 55 pounds of pressure on the anterior incisors and as much as 200 pounds of pressure on your back molars.
  10. Oral Health and Heart Health: Regularly visiting your dentist in Clayton Heights and brushing your teeth could prevent a heart attack or heart complications later in life.

Protect Those Amazing Teeth with Regular Visits to Your Dentist in Langley

Your teeth are amazing works of wonder. They do everything from hold your face shape to help you consume food to showing your emotions. So, you want to protect them and keep them healthy. Booking regular visits to your dentist for your annual cleaning and examination is one way you can maintain a healthy mouth. Also, daily brushing and flossing, along with good oral hygiene, can protect your smile for a lifetime.

Amazing Smile Dental wants to keep your smile shining brightly. Whether you need a cleaning or you want a pediatric dentist in Langley, BC for your child, our team is here to educate you on your teeth and keep them healthy.

Call Amazing Smile Dental today at 604-514-7588 to book your appointment. You can also contact us online to learn more.

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