Teeth Whitening Kits in Langley British Columbia

Is DIY Teeth Whitening Safe? Consult Your Langley Dental Clinic

Did you know that some over-the-counter teeth whiteners can actually harm your tooth enamel? Many people turn to at-home bleaching systems without fully understanding the effects it can have on their oral health. It is important to know that not all stains can be lightened with a store-bought bleaching kit, particularly if you have had bonding or tooth-coloured fillings placed in your front teeth. Before proceeding with a do-it-yourself whitening routine, it’s highly recommended that you speak with your dentist to determine whether or not you will benefit from the treatment. Your dentist may discourage teeth whitening if you have sensitive teeth, gum disease or teeth with worn enamel, as the risk of gum irritation or damage to previous dental work may increase.

Tips for the Safe Use of Home Tooth Whitening Kits 

If you decide to use a store-bought whitening kit, keep the following safety tips in mind to prevent negative side effects:

  • Stay away from teeth whiteners that contain carbamide peroxide, which can irritate your gums.
  • Follow the directions to ensure you are using the product correctly.
  • Do not whiten your teeth during pregnancy or while you are nursing.
  • Understand that certain chemicals in the whitening kit can be rough on sensitive teeth. 
  • Do not “over-do it”. It is possible to damage your teeth if you overuse a whitening product. Too much of it can expose the sensitive dentin layer underneath your tooth.
  • Your gums need to be healthy prior to bleaching. Use the kit two weeks after having your teeth cleaned.
  • Opt for a toothpaste that is made for sensitive teeth. It contains potassium nitrate, which can help soothe your teeth’s nerve endings.
  • Know what to expect and be sure to exercise self-control to reduce the risks of teeth and gum problems. 
  • Lower your expectations – do not expect your teeth to be "blinding white", as you may be disappointed with the results. If you are a smoker, note that the results may be limited unless you stop smoking, especially during treatment.

Following your teeth whitening treatment, it’s possible for your teeth to become even more discoloured. If the protective enamel has been damaged, the teeth are left exposed and can stain easily by food and drink. Also, if the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is too strong, it can burn the soft tissue and even cause irreversible gum recession.

In-Clinic Teeth Whitening in Surrey, BC for Fast and Powerful Whitening Solutions

Interested in learning more about effective whitening treatments for your teeth? Amazing Smile Dental provides a range of teeth whitening options for you to choose from. If you want to improve your overall appearance and boost your self-confidence with a whiter smile, visit our Langley dental clinic. We strive to provide you and your loved ones with outstanding and prompt dental service in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Your health and satisfaction are our first priority, which is why we work hard to ensure great oral health for all of our patients. We specialize in family dentistry, teeth whitening, fillings, full service dental checkups, porcelain veneers, dental implants and more.

Contact Amazing Smile Dental today at 604-514-7588 to learn more about how you can achieve a perfectly white smile through our variety of in-office whitening procedures. You can also contact us online with your questions about teeth whitening in Surrey, BC.

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