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Missing Adult Teeth? Find Out Why and Visit Your Oral Surgeon in Langley

Most people lose their ‘baby’ teeth and quickly have their adult teeth emerge into place. Crooked, straight, crowded, or spaced, 32 permanent teeth usually fill the spaces left along developing jawlines. This is not the case for everyone, though. Over 20% of the population lack one or more of their adult teeth.

Developmental delays or abnormalities can be worrisome. While many developmental differences are not cause for concern, it is important to have a healthcare professional assess your personal health and case to receive any necessary treatment. Visit your dental clinic in Langley for a checkup if you or your children are missing adult teeth. 

Why Am I Missing Adult Teeth and What Can I Do?

When certain teeth do not develop, they are more noticeable and their absence can make speaking and eating more difficult. Visit your Langley oral surgeon for a personalized assessment and review the following information to understand more about this common condition: 

  • Causes: Missing adult teeth is known as a congenital malformation that is an inherited genetic trait. Sometimes, environmental factors can impact the dental development, which typically impacts third molars known as wisdom teeth, but can also lead to missing incisors or premolars. 
  • Treatment: Different treatment options are available depending on the details of the individual’s dental health history and missing tooth or teeth. For third molars, no action may be necessary, but for more prominent teeth, you can explore tooth replacement procedures. Dental implants in Langley provide a permanent, natural looking option that allows people with missing teeth to have a fully functional and aesthetic smile. Missing teeth can impact bite and make chewing and speaking more challenging, so replacing those teeth is often a good option. Orthodontic treatment may be necessary to align the bite and other teeth before tooth replacement is completed. 
  • Considerations: If dental implants seem like the best option, it is important that the jaw is completely developed and strong enough to support the implants. Males typically require longer for complete jaw development, and most individuals will not be ready for treatment until their late teens or early twenties when jaw growth is complete. Bone must be dense enough at the implant site and in some cases it may need to be surgically generated. Your oral surgeon will walk you through the details, timelines, and recovery process for your specific surgery. 

Replace Missing Adult Teeth with Dental Implants in Langley, BC 

Determine the right course of treatment for you or your loved one’s missing adult teeth with the dedicated team at Amazing Smile Dental. Our oral surgeons in Langley offer a wide range of dental services and have years of experience. We offer personalized advice and attentive dental services for new patients of all ages. Visit our dental clinic for all your oral health needs, including crowns and bridges, emergency care and cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening

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