Children eating Halloween candy

Stay Cavity-Free this Halloween!

Halloween is more than just a time where everyone dresses up as his or her favourite character or a movie star they have always admired – it is also about the candy! Adults and children alike are guilty of indulging in sugary treats on Halloween, and how can you not? After all, everywhere you turn there are bowls of bite-size candies, and after trick-or-treating, you find yourself submerged in it.

Candy does have an incredibly high sugar content, but in moderation, it is okay to consume. Overeating, however, could have a negative impact on your family’s oral health. So to keep everyone's teeth healthy read our dental blog in Langley. 

Tips for a Fun, Cavity-Free Halloween without Missing Out on Candy

You cannot escape the treats on Halloween. So, while your child’s bags are full of chocolate, gum, and other sugary treats, here are a few things you can do to keep everyone’s teeth healthy:

  • Opt for Chocolate: Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, has sugar but is less likely to get stuck in between teeth and cause oral health issues like taffy and other treats. Also, dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants, which offers benefits to the entire family.
  • Toss the Chewy, Sticky Candies: Chewy candy gets stuck in the pits and grooves of your teeth, which can cause further issues. If anyone in the house wears retainers, braces, or has a spacer, they should not consume these treats. Not only will they get stuck in between the brackets, but they can misalign them as well.
  • Increase Water Intake: Not only is water good for the body in general, but it will help wash away any candy particles left inside the mouth and ensure good saliva production in between brushing.
  • Eat Halloween Candy after a Meal: It is best to give your children their candy treats after a meal when saliva production is at its peak. Saliva naturally washes away food particles, including any sugar that might remain inside their mouth. 
  • Keep a Healthy Diet: Just because there is candy in the house does not mean that a healthy diet goes out the window. Candy should not be a snack or meal replacement. Make sure everyone in the house is still getting their fair share of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains too.
  • Brush, Floss, and Rinse: Make sure everyone in the house is brushing, flossing, and rinsing twice a day. Also, keep up with your regular dental check-ups and oral care appointments in Langley.

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Bring the entire family in for their bi-annual check-up and cleaning. Our dentists at Amazing Smile Dental are here to ensure a healthy smile year-round. When you bring in your children for regular dental check-ups, you can catch oral health issues before they turn into bigger ones and teach your family healthy habits.

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