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Suffering from Tooth Sensitivity? Your Dentist in Langley Has Options to Bring Relief

Whether you wince at drinking ice water or chewing on food creates a spark of pain, tooth sensitivity puts a damper on your life. 

The reasons behind your tooth sensitivity can vary, but luckily you do not have to live with sensitive teeth for good. In fact, your local dentist can help bring relief so that you can get back to sipping iced tea in the summer, enjoying coffee, or eating your favourite foods.

Common Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

The most common reason for tooth sensitivity is that the enamel layer has eroded from the top of your tooth. When your tooth’s dentin is exposed, cold, pressure, and heat will create a painful sensation.

6 Ways to Stop Tooth Sensitivity for Good

If you are tired of sensitive teeth dictating what you can eat or drink, you have options. Some of these treatments you can do at home, while others require intervention from your dentist.

Here are 6 ways to try to relieve sensitivity:
  • Switch Toothpaste - A sensitive toothpaste contains potassium nitrate. This ingredient protects dentin and reduces sensitivity.
  • Recheck Brushing - The way you brush also causes sensitivity. If you are scrubbing your teeth with a hard-bristled brush, you might wear away enamel. Switch to a soft-bristled brush and use gentle motions while you brush morning and night.
  • Acidic Foods - From fruit juice to pickles on a sandwich to a glass of wine at night, these acidic food habits wear away enamel and leave you with sensitive teeth. You can still enjoy these foods and beverages, but wait to brush 20 minutes afterward to keep the enamel intact. Swirl some water in your mouth to clean away the food or drink from settling on your teeth.
  • Ask About Sealants - There are desensitizing barriers your Langley Dental clinic can use to protect sensitive teeth. Pediatric dentists offer sealants in Langley, BC to protect a child’s molars from cavities, and similar sealants may protect adult teeth from sensitivity triggers.
  • Grinding - Teeth grinding, especially at night, can damage enamel. During a checkup, your dentist might be able to tell if you have been grinding while you sleep. If so, they will recommend a night mouth guard to prevent further damage.
  • Cavities - Cavities can lead to tooth sensitivity as well, especially with applied pressure. If you notice sensitivity on a particular zone of your mouth, make an appointment to have your teeth examined. If there is a cavity, having it filled could relieve the sensitivity.

If you want to soothe sensitive teeth and the home remedies have not done the job, come and see us at Amazing Smile Dental. Our dental professionals can diagnose the cause of your sensitivity, treat you, and offer the relief you have been looking for.

Call Amazing Smile Dental today at 604-514-7588 to book a consultation with our dentists in Langley. You can also contact us online with questions about tooth sensitivity.
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