Top 10 Excuses People Use to Avoid Their Dentist

Does the idea of going to the dentist make you anxious? If so, you are not alone. Many people avoid the dentist, and they often have a list of numerous excuses why. Regardless of the reasons holding you back, regular checkups at your Langley dental clinic are necessary. Not only will it ensure a smile that is bright and healthy, but good oral health leads to better health overall.

Common Reasons People Do Not Go to the Dentist

An excuse for not seeing a dentist in Langley is easy enough to make up. You ran out of groceries, so you had to go to the store. Perhaps work is too busy to justify an hour from your day. 

Here are ten commonly used excuses that dentists hear every day:

  • No Time - Having no time is a top reason why people avoid their local dentist. However, one hour out of your day to preserve your smile, ensure healthy gums, and prevent health complications is not that hard to find.
  • Dental Anxiety - Dental anxiety is a real condition, but it should not keep you from the dentist’s chair. Just let the friendly staff know you have dental anxiety and they can offer sedation solutions to put you at ease.
  • Cost - The high price of dental care is another common reason people avoid a dentist until they need one badly. However, it is cheaper to pay for an annual check-up than a root canal due to an untreated tooth.
  • Fear of Dental Work - Sometimes it is not the checkup, but the dental work that strikes fear in your mind. Some are afraid of the metal instruments, while others do not want a cavity filled, regardless of how much they need it.
  • Bad Memories - A bad experience at a dental office in the past can make it hard to go to the dentist again. However, it is critical that you put that bad memory behind you.
  • Lectures - Those that smoke, drink coffee, or engage in other non-oral-friendly activities often avoid the dentist because they do not want a lecture. Remember, your dentist is advising you because they care about your teeth, and most dentists will not even lecture an adult based on their habits.
  • Everything is Fine - Some people avoid the dentist because they brush, floss, and have no pain; therefore, they assume their teeth are fine. Teeth still have plaque and tartar that builds up, and the only effective way to remove it is with a professional scaling.
  • No Dentist - Whether you are new to the area or your child needs a pediatric dentist in Langley, BC, using the excuse of not having a dentist is never a good thing.
  • No Insurance - Today, insurance can be costly. Even without insurance, you could receive discounted dental work by paying your dentist in cash. Some dentists also offer payment plans for in-depth work to save their patient from a substantial upfront burden.
  • Built Tough - Some people think they can fight through the pain every time they chew, but eventually a painful tooth will get worse. To avoid major dental surgery, it is best to see a dentist the moment it starts to hurt.

Amazing Smile Dental can help you get back into the dentist’s chair regardless of what made you take a break. Our dental professionals are keen on eliminating your anxiety, and we can keep your teeth healthy with quick, painless cleanings.

Call Amazing Smile Dental today at 604-514-7588 to book an appointment in our Langley dental clinic. Feel free to contact us online with your questions about our services.

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