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Invisalign® Services in Langley with our Experienced Professionals

For a removable, comfortable, and invisible alternative to braces, choose Invisalign®!

These aligners will help you obtain the straight, beautiful teeth you have always wanted. And the best part is, few people will even know that you are wearing them! Invisalign is a great option for both teenagers and adults; contact Amazing Smile Dental to learn more or to find out if getting fitted for Invisalign® in Langley is an option for you. Amazing Smile Dental is also proud to serve surrounding communities! We offer Invisalign to Surrey patients.

What is Invisalign®?

Unlike braces, Invisalign® is an invisible way of straightening your teeth.

Invisalign® straightens your teeth without the use of metal brackets and wires. Instead, the process will entail a series of removable, clear aligners.

The Invisalign® process has been proven effective throughout orthodontic practices across the nation and in clinical research.

How Does It Work?

The patient will wear each set of aligners for a period of two weeks. The aligners may only be removed to drink, eat, floss, and brush.

You will see progress with each set. Week to week, and little by little, your teeth will have straightened to the desired position.

Your appointments at Amazing Smile Dental in Langley will be scheduled every six weeks in order to make sure that the treatment is going as planned.

The total time of treatment averages from 9 to 15 months, while the number of aligners used averages from 18 to 30. Both numbers may vary depending on your situation.

How Are Aligners Made?

The Invisalign® aligners are made specifically for each individual to help straighten their teeth. Visit our office to learn more about the Langley Invisalign® process!

If Invisalign in Langley or Surrey sounds like the right alignment option for you; give Amazing Smile Dental a call today! Our professionals will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Then, if Invisalign® is a good option for you, we'll help you get started on the treatment process. We look forward to meeting with you!

What You Can Expect from the First Weeks with Invisalign

There are many advantages to wearing Invisalign braces versus traditional ones. However, like traditional braces there are a few things to expect during the first few weeks of your treatment. First, you may experience some pain as the invisible aligners shift your teeth into place. This will last for a couple of days after your initial aligner is placed. Second, you may also experience a lisp which can be corrected over time as your teeth shift with the aligners. Fortunately, within the first six weeks of your Invisalign treatment, you are likely to see positive results and notice a change in your bite.

How to Maintain Your Invisalign Braces

Once you have your Invisalign braces, it’s important to keep them clean just like you would traditional braces. Some things to remember:

  • Rinse them thoroughly – When you remove your aligners, rinse them off in warm water so that leftover plaque and saliva can’t dry and cause a foul smell. 
  • Soak them frequently – Soaking your Invisalign aligners to keep them sanitized and to prevent saliva and plaque from building up over time. 
  • Don’t forget oral hygiene – To keep your aligners clean try to get as little plaque and bacteria on them as possible. This means making sure you brush and floss your teeth routinely to keep them clean so that you can keep your aligners clean. 
  • Use soap to clean them – A clear anti-bacterial hand soap can be used to clean your Invisalign braces. Using a soft toothbrush work the soap into the crevices of your aligners in order to remove any food particles or bacteria. Rinse with warm water. Avoid coloured soaps as these can discolour your aligners. 
  • Avoid using toothpastes – Toothpastes can be abrasive which is great for teeth, but not so much so for your smooth aligners. If you use toothpaste, you may scratch your Invisalign braces which could lead to bacteria growth.

To learn more about Invisalign, talk to Amazing Smile Dental. We can help you figure out if Invisalign is right for you.


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