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Amazing Smile Dental is equipped to handle all your dental needs, including everything from routine teeth cleanings to orthodontics and root canals. Your health and satisfaction are always our top priorities. That’s why we take pride in sending our patients back out into the world with healthy, beautiful smiles. Trust Dr. Peter Wong and his team of general dentists in Langley to provide effective dental procedures for you and your entire family, including the following:

Teeth Cleanings and Dental Check-Ups

Maintaining good long-term oral health begins with regular teeth cleanings and dental check-ups. Teeth cleanings are essential because they help keep your mouth disease-free and prevent tooth loss and decay by removing harmful plaque and tartar build-up.

Root Canals Can Save Your Infected Teeth

Has the nerve of your tooth become infected and painful? A root canal treatment allows you to save your natural tooth rather than resorting to yanking it out and replacing it with an artificial tooth.

Sometimes Tooth Extractions Are Necessary

Sometimes a tooth extraction is unavoidable. If your mouth is too crowded for the application of orthodontia or if a serious infection or periodontal (gum) disease has caused extensive damage or your teeth to loosen, it may be necessary for their removal to prevent the spread of infection. 

Orthodontics Help Straighten Crooked Teeth

If you want to correct crooked or crowded teeth, orthodontics may help you obtain straighter teeth and can even correct overbites, underbites and spacing issues. It’s never too early or too late to begin orthodontic treatments. 

Pediatric Dentistry in a Welcoming Environment

Children have special needs when it comes to paying a visit to the dentist. Whether it’s your child’s first visit or a routine check-up, our caring staff does their best to create a welcoming environment for your children because visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be scary. We offer many pediatric dentistry services in our Langley dental office. 

Dental Scaling and Root Planing

If you find yourself suffering from periodontal (gum) disease, dental scaling and root planing is often performed to smooth out the rougher areas and remove plaque build-up. Think of it as a more intense teeth cleaning from your dental hygienist. Be aware this may take several visits depending upon how prevalent the periodontal disease is in your mouth. 

Dental Bonding Restores Aesthetics

Do you long to restore or improve the aesthetics of your smile? Dental bonding involves taking a tooth-coloured resin and bonding it to the surface of your tooth. Dental bonding is often used to repair decayed, chipped or cracked teeth or to improve the appearance of discoloured or misshapen teeth. 

Dental Sealants Prevent Cavities

Constructed of a plastic material that is “painted” directly onto your tooth’s enamel, dental sealants are often used to prevent cavities because they prevent plaque and acids from eroding your enamel. It’s never too early or too late to think about the many benefits of dental sealants. 

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To schedule an appointment for general dentistry in our Langley office, please feel free to call us at 604-514-7588 or submit a request through our convenient online form. Should you ever require a dental procedure not listed on this page, please call our office to determine whether or not it’s something we currently offer or to see if there’s another dental office that we could refer you to. And as always, if you’re experiencing a dental emergency, please call us directly so that you can be seen by one of our dentists as quickly as possible.


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