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Get Your Smile Back With Our Periodontist in Langley

Have you lost a tooth to trauma, periodontal disease or advanced tooth decay? You may want to consider a dental implant with a crown instead of a bridge. If your general health is good, you have healthy gums, and the bone in your jaw can support an implant, you may be a good candidate to see our periodontist in Langley for a dental implant at Amazing Smile Dental. And your insurance is welcome for services by our certified periodontist in Langley, Dr. Linda Xing. Together, you and Dr. Xing will develop a treatment plan for a dental implant that fits your unique needs and desired appearance.

Why see a periodontist for your dental implant?

Periodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the structures that surround and support your teeth, specifically your gums and underlying bone. Oral health includes care of your gums, and a dentist with advanced training as a periodontist focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions and diseases of the gums. A periodontist also place dental implants. Since dental implants connect below your gums to the bone beneath them in order to anchor a replacement tooth, a periodontist is the natural choice for the necessary procedures. As a certified periodontist, Dr. Xing provides experienced implant care and least invasive implant therapy. 

Our Periodontist Helps with Your Implant Aftercare 

Professional aftercare and at-home dental hygiene are as important with dental implants as with your natural teeth. As a periodontist, Dr. Xing is experienced with the prevention and treatment of gum conditions and oral inflammation, which are very important before and after an implant procedure. Since a periodontist is responsible for developing an individual care plan for you, Dr. Xing will schedule regular follow-up visits to monitor your implant, your surrounding teeth, and your gums to ensure healing progresses as it should. As with your own teeth, regular brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings will keep your implant attractive and plaque free. 

Don’t go longer than you have to with a missing tooth or teeth. Rather than loosening around an empty space, your existing teeth will stay straighter and stronger with the support of an implant. Consult with our periodontist in Langley to discuss if implants are right for you.

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